Field Responsibilities

Updated Monday December 14, 2015 by A's Baseball .

Barness and South Field Responsibilities


  • Pitcher’s mound – holes need to be filled and tamped. If there is not enough clay on the mound, you need to get clay from the bags in the shed and refill. There should never be a hole next to the rubber or where the pitcher’s foot lands. You cannot fill holes with in field mix. 
  • Pitcher’s mound –needs to be raked, hosed down covered.
  • Home plate – The holes created by batters, catchers and the ump need to be filled in with clay. Same drill as the mound. It needs to be level, tamped and wet. You cannot fill holes with in field mix. 
  • Drain covers - There are 3 sets of drains in the field. One set in front of our dugout, one in front of the visitors’ dugout and one set in the shallow outfield between 3rd and 2nd. These should be covered during play but need to be replaced with the open covers after games/practice so the field can drain.
  • Pull then bases and put in the plugs. Bases get put in the shed.
  • Drag the field - Run the sandpro around the field
  • Base Paths - Rake base paths and home plate. Bases paths should not be raked side to side. They need to be raked length wise to even out the dirt
  • Score board – Turn off and put away the controller if you used it. Put the controller on the shelf.
  • Practice mounds – Rake and fill in holes on both mounds – cover if there is a cover there.
  • Trash – clean up
  • Lock the tower – top and bottom
  • Lock the shed